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Windows 10 Clean Install Guide

Installing a new Operating System can be a challenging process as every computer is different. It is important to be patient, as this is one of the biggest changes you can make to your computer.

To help you with the installation process, we have noted some of the best and quickest solutions we have found.

Installing Windows 10 on your Custom Built Computer

The most efficient way to install Windows 10 on your new system is to perform a Clean Install

Things to prepare:
Another Windows device/computer and a flash drive that's at least 8GB

1. Download the link/tool on a different computer and run it. You will be given 2 options:

· Upgrade this PC now / Create installation media for another PC

2. Select the second option and follow the onscreen instructions so that the installer will be created to your flash drive.

3. Plug your flash drive into your new PC.

4, Open BIOS menu on your new PC and go to the boot section.

5. Select the flash drive from the boot section to start the installation.

Below are videos to help with all the steps you need to take to perform a clean install of your new operating system. 


Installing Windows 10
This video shows you a complete tutorial on, How to format your PC and Clean Install Windows 10 using USB Flash Drive (Pen-drive).

How to install Windows 10 from a flash drive. You will require a 4GB USB for 32bit & 8GB for the 64-bit version. However we recommend 8GB for both.

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 Disclaimer:  This is advice only and we cannot be held responsible for any lost files or data. If you do not feel comfortable performing these steps please contact your local computer store.